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The Heart Failure Society of America has prepared a series of educational modules designed to help patients learn to live successfully with heart failure. The advice in the modules can help heart failure patients feel better, stay out of the hospital and live longer.

The modules are self-contained and written in easy to understand language. Each module provides practical information on a specific topic that is useful to both patients and their families. Each module also includes questions should ask their doctors or nurses. Patients should actively work with their health care providers to achieve the best outcomes. These modules are not intended to replace regular medical care.

If you have questions about these educational modules you may email the HFSA at edu_materials@hfsa.org. Providers may order these modules by clicking here.

Module 1: Taking Control of Your Heart Failure >>

Module 2: How to Follow a Low Sodium Diet >>

Module 3: Heart Failure Medication >>
¡Disponible en español! Módulo 3:  Medicamentos para la insuficiencia cardíaca  >>

Module 4: Self Care – Following Your Treatment Plan and Dealing with your Symptoms >>

Module 5: Exercise and Activity with Heart Failure >>

Module 6: Managing Feelings About Heart Failure >>

Module 7: Tips for Family and Friends on Heart Failure >>

Module 8: Managing Other Chronic Conditions >>

Module 9: Advance Care Planning >>

Module 10: Heart Rhythm Problems >>

Module 11: Clinical Trials >>



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