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2018 – 2019 Board of Directors


President Randall C. Starling, MD, MPH, FHFSA
President-Elect Biykem Bozkurt, MD,PhD FACC, FAHA, FHFSA
Secretary Nancy M. Albert, RN, PhD, FHFSA
Treasurer Corrine Y. Jurgens, RN, PhD, FHFSA
Immediate Past President Christopher O’Connor, MD, FHFSA


Board Members

Sean Collins, MD, MSc, FHFSA
Cynthia Chauhan, MSW
Maria Rosa Costanzo, MD, FACC, FAHA
Mark Drazner, MD, MSc, FHFSA
James Fang, MD, FHFSA
Gary M. Felker, MD, FHFSA
Mona Fiuzat, PharmD, FHFSA
Gregg C. Fonarow, MD, FACC, FAHA, FHFSA
Michael Givertz, MD, FHFSAJohn Teerlink, MD, FHFSA
Robb Kociol, MD, FHFSA
David Lanfear, MD, MS, FHFSA
J. Herbert Patterson, PharmD, FHFSA
Wai Hong Wilson Tang, MD

Board Bios
HFSA Past Presidents

 Past Presidents

2017-2018 Christopher O’Connor, MD, FHFSA
2016-2017 Mandeep R. Mehra, MD, FHFSA
2014-2016 JoAnn Lindenfeld, MD, FHFSA
2012-2014 Thomas Force, MD, FHFSA
2010-2012 Barry M. Massie, MD, FHFSA
2008-2010 Douglas L. Mann, MD, FHFSA
2006-2008 Barry H. Greenberg, MD, FHFSA
2004-2006 Gary S. Francis, MD, FHFSA
2002-2004 Marvin A. Konstam, MD, FHFSA
2000-2002 Milton Packer, MD, FHFSA
1998-2000 Arthur M. Feldman, MD, PhD, FHFSA
1996-1998 Jay N. Cohn, MD, FHFSA


2018 – 2019 Committees

Advocacy Committee
Advocacy Committee: Supporting policies that improve the care and outcomes of patients with heart failure and promote policies that will favor preventive programs.
Chair: Maria Rosa Costanzo, MD, FACC, FAHA

Annual Scientific Meeting Program Committee
Annual Scientific Meeting Program Committee: Develop and oversee all educational content for the HFSA Annual Meeting program, including sessions and faculty.
Co-Chair: Wilson Tang, MD, FHSFA
Co-Chair: Dennis McNamara, MD, MS
Co-Chair: Sara Paul, DNP, FNP, FHFSA
Co-Chair: Sheryl L. Chow, PharmD, FHFSA

Certification Task Force
Certification Task Force
Chair: Mandeep Mehra, MD, FHFSA

Communications Committee
Communications Committee: Develop and oversee appropriate content for the HFSA website and social media websites such as the HFSA Facebook and Twitter accounts. Review press releases.
Chair: Eileen Hsich, MD

Development Committee
Development Committee: To encourage financial support and industry participation in HFSA’s educational programs by fostering relationships with industry partners.
Chair: John Chin, MD, FHFSA
Liaison: Biykem Bozkurt, MD,PhD FACC, FAHA, FHFSA

Early Career/Trainee Committee
Early Career/Trainee Committee: To promote interest and careers of trainees and early career individuals through education, networking opportunities, and fostering communication among trainees.
Chair: Arvind Bhimaraj, MD

Education Committee
Education Committee: Develop, monitor and evaluate HFSA’s overall educational programs; and review CME programs submitted by organizations seeking endorsement from the HFSA.
Chair: Kenneth B. Margulies, MD, FHFSA
Liaison: Mark Drazner, MD, FHFSA

International Relations Committee
International Relations Committee
Chair: Randall C. Starling, MD, MPH, FHFSA

Lifetime Achievement Committee
Lifetime Achievement Committee: To design and oversee the process for individuals nominated for the lifetime achievement award in heart failure. This committee may also be used to review and recommend guidelines for other awards should the Society expand the awards program.
Chair: Kathleen L. Grady, RN, PhD, APN, FHFSA, FAAN
Liaison: J. Herbert Patterson, PharmD, FHFSA

Membership Committee
Membership Committee: Identify and develop HFSA’s membership goals and activities for maintaining and building membership.
Co-Chair: Martha Biddle, PhD, APRN, CCNS
Co-Chair: Robert L. Page, II, PharmD, BCPS, FHFSA
Co-Chair: Mitchell T. Saltzberg, MD, FHFSA
Liaison: Paul Mather, MD, FHFSA

Nursing Committee
Nursing Committee: To increase the participation of nurses and nurse practitioners in HFSA activities to help fulfill the mission.
Co-Chair: Diane F. Gauthier, MS, RNP-BC
Co-Chair: Judith E. Hupcey, EdD, FAAN
Liaison: Corrine Y. Jurgens, RN, PhD, FHFSA

Patient Initiative Task Force
Patient Initiative Task Force
Chair: Mona Fiuzat, PharmD, FHFSA

Publications and Scientific Statements Committee
Publications and Scientific Statements Committee: Provide oversight of the Journal of Cardiac Failure and coordination of HFSA scientific statements, including generation of topics for scientific statements.
Chair: Marvin Konstam, FHFSA

Research Committee
Research Committee: Responsible for oversight and/or development of research activities in the area of heart failure for the Society, including evaluation of the heart failure grants to young investigators.
Chair: Andreas Kalogeropoulos, MD, MPH, PhD
Liaison: Wai Hong Wilson Tang, MD, FHFSA

Research Network Task Force
Research Network Task Force
Chair: Christopher O’Connor, MD, FHFSA



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