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On occasion, the Heart Failure Society of America (the “Society”) has received inquires regarding circumstances, if there are any, in which the Society would authorize others to use the Society’s name. This document has been developed in an effort to assure that there is no confusion or misunderstanding on this issue.

As one would expect, the Society values its good name and reputation. The Society is also aware that lending its name to products or devices could enhance the marketability of that product or device or encourage its use by healthcare providers. We have and will continue to maintain a neutral position on products, whether pharmaceuticals or devices.

The policy is as follows:

No company or individual is authorized to or has permission to use the name, reputation, or good will of the Society in its commercial endeavors, whether to market or promote its products, whether pharmaceuticals, devices, or otherwise, or for any other commercial purpose. Nor may any company or individual use the name of the Society for any promotional purpose without the express written permission of the Executive Director of the Society.

The Society recognizes that, on occasion, those who contribute to the Society may want to make that fact known. The Society does not object to that, provided that all information that is published on the subject be accurate; that such is not published in the context or for the purpose of promoting or marketing any product or for any other commercial purpose; and that permission from the Executive Director has been obtained in advance.

The Society has over the years had a very healthy relationship with those who have contributed to the Society. The Society looks forward to continuing healthy relationships in the future.

We hope that by outlining the Society’s long-standing policy on these subjects, the Society has addressed any outstanding questions that may arise. If there are questions with respect to these matters, please direct them to the Executive Director of the Society.

For further information on the use of our copyright policy click here.


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