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To reach a member of the HFSA staff please dial 301.312.8635 or click the link on their name to send an email.

John Barnes
Chief Executive Officer

Jaime Abreu
Executive Vice President, CME and Educational Programs

Joori Jeon
Chief Operating Officer

Sharon Atterbury
Administrative Assistant, Meetings and Education

Shauna Brown
Director, Education

Jessica Deering
Director, Development

Patrice Guzman
Director, Science, Research and Patients

Anna Leong
Manager, Publications

Cynthia Miranda
Manager, Meetings and Education

Talita Mrkich
Manager, Operations and Executive

Staff Departments and Responsibilities

Meetings and Education Department
  • Annual Scientific Meeting (Jaime Abreu)
  • Board Certification Review Course (Cynthia Miranda)
  • Future Leaders Conference (Cynthia Miranda)
  • Regional Endorsed Programs (Cynthia Miranda)
  • CME – reporting, outcomes assessments, accreditation maintenance (Shauna Brown)
  • MOC compliance (Shauna Brown)
  • ABIM Maintenance Pathway, ACC Partnership on (Jaime Abreu)
  • Joint Accreditation (Shauna Brown)
  • Digital Content Product Enhancements (Cynthia Miranda)
  • Learning Management System – part of Management Systems Initiative (Shauna Brown)
  • Electronic Residency Application Service (Shauna Brown)
  • Joint session collaborations with other societies (Jaime Abreu)
  • Certification Program (Shauna Brown)
  • Committees
    • ASM Program Committee (Jaime Abreu)
    • Education Committee (Jaime Abreu)
    • Certification Task Force (Shauna Brown)
Science, Research and Patients Department
  • Quality Care Initiative (Patrice Guzman)
  • Scientific statements and position papers (Patrice Guzman)
  • Journal of Cardiac Failure (Anna Leong)
  • Research (Patrice Guzman)
    • Emerging Therapies Row
    • Clinical Trials Row
    • Clinical Trial Recruitment Program
    • Investigator Development, HF
    • Research Network, HFSA
    • Research Network Clinical Trials Program
    • Research Network Site Coordinator & Investigator Conference
  • Patient Programs (Patrice Guzman)
    • Patient Education Modules
    • Community Education Program
    • Patient Partner Program
    • Patient App
    • Patient Clinical Trials Awareness and Participation
  • Committees
    • Nursing Committee (Patrice Guzman)
    • Publications Committee (Patrice Guzman and Anna Leong)
    • Research Committee (Patrice Guzman)
    • Scientific Statements Committee (Patrice Guzman)
    • Patient Initiative Task Force (John Barnes)
    • Research Network Task Force (Patrice Guzman)
Marketing and Communications Department
  • Heart Failure Awareness Week (Cynthia Miranda)
  • Heart Failure Awareness Initiative (Cynthia Miranda)
  • Website – including new CMS (Cynthia Miranda)
  • Branding guidelines (Cynthia Miranda)
  • Graphics management (Cynthia Miranda)
  • Comprehensive Communications Review (Cynthia Miranda)
  • Advertisement reviews – JCF and HFSA (Cynthia Miranda)
  • Social media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (Cynthia Miranda)
  • Marketing – Oversight, materials management (Cynthia Miranda)
  • Communication pieces, Recurring (Cynthia Miranda)
    • Email Communications
    • Newsletters
    • Member Spotlight
    • President’s Blog
    • Press Releases and News Content
    • Subspecialty Newsletter
  • Committees (Cynthia Miranda)
    • Communications Committee (Cynthia Miranda)
Membership Department
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention Plan (Talita Mrkich)
  • Fellowship Program, FHFSA (Talita Mrkich)
  • Mentoring Program ((Talita Mrkich)
  • Career Fair (Talita Mrkich)
  • Mailings – Membership Renewal Mailings, Event Mailings (Talita Mrkich)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award process (Talita Mrkich)
  • List management (Talita Mrkich)
    • Email list management – Members, prospects, patients, etc.
    • Mailing list rentals
  • Committees (Talita Mrkich)
    • Early Career Committee
    • Lifetime Achievement Award Committee
    • Membership Committee
Operations and Executive Department
  • Advocacy program (John Barnes and Carrie Kovar, Consultant)
  • Strategic Relationship Plan (John Barnes)
  • International Relations (John Barnes)
  • Governance (John Barnes)
  • Legal (John Barnes and Rob Portman, External Legal Counsel)
  • Information Technology (Joori Jeon)
    • Management Systems Initiative – LMS, AMS, CMS
    • IT Upgrade Initiative
  • Finance and Budget (Joori Jeon)
  • Human Resources (Joori Jeon and External HR Consultant)
  • Facilities (Talita Mrkich)
  • Development (Jessica Deering)
    • Corporate Development Program
    • Business Development
    • Sales
    • Exhibits
  • Committees
    • Advocacy Committee (John Barnes)
    • Audit Committee (Joori Jeon)
    • Development Committee (Jessica Deering)
    • Executive Committee (John Barnes)
    • Finance Committee (Joori Jeon)
    • International Relations Committee (John Barnes)
    • Nominating Committee (John Barnes)
    • Governance Review Task Force (John Barnes)

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