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The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) launched their annual call for governance nominations on July 1, 2019, via a public webpage to raise the visibility of openings throughout ABIM governance, including the Board of Directors, Council, Specialty Boards, and Exam Committees, as well as newer initiatives such as the Knowledge Check-In Item-Writing Task Force.

The web-based platform promotes maximum transparency and expand their candidate pool, with a goal to facilitate wider outreach, highlight specific competencies and foster diversity. It’s also a convenient one-stop shop for all the information about open positions and how to apply. While the majority of open positions are now posted, additional opportunities will be posted later this summer.

HFSA Involvement

As always, the Heart Failure Society of America is a vital part of the ABIM candidate recruitment process. We ask our members to consider putting forward candidates for open physician and non-physician seats, and to help amplify the message. The success of ABIM governance today and in the future depends on our ability to identify a broad spectrum of diverse candidates, and we need your help to make those connections. Interested HFSA members should visit the ABIM Governance Openings webpage for more information

Additional Information from ABIM

Additional information on the competencies ABIM is seeking, an explanation of the roles and responsibilities of ABIM service and further details on how to apply can be found by certification area where relevant. Please take a moment and review all the available vacancies as some specialties have crossover.  It is recommended to send prospects directly to the webpage to read about a specific opening and fill out the web-based application.  If you have any specific questions about requirements, please feel free to reach out to Alice Hughes, Program Manager, Society Engagement (ahughes@abim.org or 215-399-4248).



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