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2017 Nursing Research Grants – CLOSED

Four (4) Research Grants – $10,000 Each
Nursing Research Grant Application Deadline: June 9, 2017
Notification to Awardees : July 7, 2017
Please submit grant applications to Patrice Guzman at pguzman@hfsa.org.

Four research grants ($10,000 each) will be awarded. Applications will be accepted from active HFSA members who are Masters or Doctoral students, or early career investigators within 7 years of receiving their doctoral degree. HFSA membership must be maintained for the duration of the 2-year grant. Presentation of the results at the HFSA Scientific Sessions is expected by the second year.

The criteria are as follows:
1. The research must be original, related to heart failure and have a nursing focus.
2. Include a budget and justification (only direct costs allowed). Travel is limited to $1,500 annually. Memberships in professional organizations are excluded.
3. Research Plan (PDF) or qualitative analysis planned. Include a timeline for the study

  • Maximum of 6 pages excluding references, 11 point font, single-spaced, 1 inch margins all around. Submit as a PDF file.
  • Specific aims (1 page)- Provide a concise summary of the aims of the work and hypotheses
  • Background and significance (1 page)- Describe the background leading to this proposal. Summarize important results and gaps this research is intended to fill. Link significance of the project to heart failure, nursing, and patient outcomes
  • Preliminary studies (1/2 page)- Describe any preliminary work related to the proposal. Include pilot studies showing the work is feasible. (If none, state none)
  • Research design and methods (3 pages)-Describe proposed design, sampling, procedures, measures, and statistical and/or qualitative analysis planned. Include a timeline for the study
  • Ethical aspects (1/4 to 1/2 a page) – Describe any ethical issues anticipated, human subject protection and risk management.

4. Submit a bio-sketch in NIH format for principal investigator, collaborators, mentors, and consultants as appropriate.
5. Submit institutional letters of support in relation to capacity to complete proposed study and access to population of
6. Submit a facilities and research project environment form (see form on page 3)



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