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The Heart Failure Society of America, in June of 2015, initiated a collaborative multi-organizational effort to identify and establish benchmarks and resources to improve the standards of quality care for those impacted by heart failure. The overall goal is to improve upon the systems of care in order to standardize best practices and ensure continuum of care for HF patients.

The Quality Care taskforce identified the current unmet needs, when they convened all constituencies concerned about heart failure together, which included primary care physicians, hospitalists, emergency physicians, patients, and allied professionals, to discuss current best practices that have shown promising results for curbing heart failure readmissions, and identify areas where gaps in care exist and require necessary improvements.

In today’s healthcare environment, there is a need to develop educational tools, resources, and education opportunities that inform practicing healthcare professionals on the changes in new or updated heart failure treatment. The Quality Care task force is working to develop high quality, un-biased educational activities and resources that are based on the most up to date science and information available. The Quality Care Taskforce Initiative will positively affect patient outcomes, and aid in developing new models of care, educating patients and providers on evidence-based heart failure care standards, and sharing strategies for reducing/preventing readmissions and risk for mortality.

Group Overviews including – Focus Areas, Objectives, Resources Deliverables, and Projected Delivery 

Group 1 Focus Area: Increasing adherence to guideline-directed medication/device therapies/performance measures
Group 2 Focus Area: End-of-life/Palliative Care/Stage D Care
Group 3 Focus Area: Care Coordination/Transitions/Safety
Group 4 Focus Area: Better HF Diagnosis/Recognition of Worsening HF/ED care/ Starting a HF Clinic Toolkit
Group 5 Focus Area: Gaps/Disparities/Minority Population Care/Gender Disparities

Collaborative Organizations & Program Support

The Heart Failure Society of America would like to thank Amgen for their continued support in the ongoing efforts to improve quality care in the Heart Failure community, and for their founder level support of the HFSA Quality Care Initiative.

HFSA would also like to thank St. Jude Medical/Abbott, Bayer, and Novartis for their support of the initiative as well as all of our 17 collaborative stakeholder organizations. It is HFSA’s belief that this is the most collaborative working group on HF quality care in the US.

Collaborative Partners



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