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Educational Heart Failure Resources


Helpful Links:

CMS (For Provider Questions) www.cms.gov (877) 486-2048
Drug Assistance www.Medicare.gov
Health Insurance www.HealthCare.gov Open Enrollment: November 1 – December 15
Medicaid www.Medicaid.gov (877) 267-2323
Medicare www.Medicare.gov 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)
Patient Access Foundation www.panfoundation.org/heart-failure
Pharmacy Companies www.drugs.com/pharmaceutical-companies.html
RxAssist – Patient Center www.rxassist.org/patients
RxList www.rxlist.com
Partnership for Prescription Assistance www.pparx.org


Patient Assistance Opportunities – Apply Now:

Apply for Pan Foundation Patient Access Funds – For Medicare Patients being Treated for Heart Failure

Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits with Chronic Heart Failure

Podcasts & Additional Resources:

Dr. Patty Chang on Heart Failure: Treatment & Research – Includes transcripts and links


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