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HFSA understands the many challenges that early career heart failure professionals face every day. To help with those challenges, our Early Career Committee is continuing the One-on-One Mentoring Program that debuted in 2015. This program will match up early career professionals who are committed to a career in heart failure with well-established mentors from different institutions.

The goal of the program is to help early career professionals (physicians, nurses, and pharmacists) succeed as Heart Failure specialists. This multidisciplinary program is open to all early career heart failure professionals (currently in a dedicated heart failure training program or within 7 years of the first faculty appointment) who are current members of HFSA. The program is open to pharmacists, nurses, and physicians. Seniors mentors from the HFSA will be paired with mentees based on their stated goals in the application and the expertise of the mentor.

Here’s what recent participants are saying:

Javed Butler (Mentor):
With the ever increasing electronic connectivity, the concept of mentorship has evolved in recent years. It is now possible to match like minded and similarly interested mentors and mentees across institutions and not be limited to your geographic region. In this respect, the HFSA’s initiative to provide a wide range of mentees with the opportunity to work with mentors with particular interests or skill sets is an excellent opportunity not only for the mentees but also the mentors and the field of heart failure itself.

Stuart Russell (Mentor):
From my perspective, the HFSA mentor program is rewarding because the fellows think about you as a coach. In contrast to your own institution where they ask for advice but also are worried about what you think about them, outside fellows ask questions knowing there are zero consequences. It helps me understand what fellows are going through.

Stuart Prenner (Mentee):
I have really enjoyed participating in the HFSA mentoring program this past year. I think first and foremost the survey I took really facilitated a good match between Dr. Russell and myself based on similar interests and career pathways, which really enriched our mentoring relationship. As a result our discussions were enjoyable, productive, and helped to focus me over the coming year. I really think the benefit of having a sounding board to bounce ideas off of outside one’s own institution and hear about how heart failure cardiology is practiced around the country is one of the unique aspects of this program. I hope it continues in the future.

Srinath Adusumalli (Mentee):
“As a early career member, one of the most valuable opportunities you should take advantage of is the HFSA mentoring program. It is critically important to build an effective mentoring team both within your institution and outside of it – the HFSA program facilitates the formation of effective mentoring relationships with renowned heart failure cardiologists around the country. For me, the relationship that I have developed with my HFSA mentor Dr. Javed Butler has been extremely rewarding from the early career development and scholarship perspectives.”

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