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In recognition of the increasing importance of the need to enhance patient engagement in heart failure care and the need for additional research in this arena, the Journal of Cardiac Failure has issued a Call for Papers on Patient Engagement for a special focus issue to be published in November 2017.

The Journal is seeking original research manuscripts, focused reviews, brief reports, and research letters that address any aspect of patient engagement, including but not limited to use of social media, the application of digital platforms for patient communication, incorporation of patient-centered endpoints in clinical trials, utility/applicability of shared decision-making tools and both family and provider-based interventions.  We have a reasonably broad view of this topic and will entertain inquires via the JCF website or to the managing editor at aleong@hfsa.org

The deadline for submission of manuscripts for consideration for the focus issue is May 1st, 2017.  All papers will undergo expedited review with prompt turnaround. Papers should be submitted through the JCF website with notation in the cover letter that it is intended for the focus issue.


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