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Join thousands of others and track your weight every day this week using the Daily Vitals feature in our free tool. Click here to register and start! 

If you have heart failure, tracking your weight every day and keeping a record is very important to manage your health.

At the end of the week, we will share how many people across the country successfully completed the challenge by using the Daily Vitals feature in our free tool. Simply click here to register, then click “Daily Vitals” and enter your weight every morning.  You can even do this on your phone by downloading the Heart Failure HealthStorylines app.

To make sure you get the most accurate reading possible, weigh yourself:

  • AFTER you have emptied your bladder (use the washroom)
  • BEFORE you eat breakfast
  • At the same time every morning
  • Wearing the same amount of clothing every day
  • Using the same scale every day

We encourage you to continue to track your weight every day using our free Heart Failure HealthStorylines app even after the challenge.


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