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Special Session on PARADIGM-HF Added
FDA Grants Amgen Priority Review Designation For Ivabradine For The Treatment Of Chronic HF
New FDA Action Plan Will Help Close the Health Care Disparities Gap for Women and Minorities
Additional Hotel Rooms Added for Annual Meeting
WomenHeart Science & Leadership Symposium at Mayo Clinic

Educational Modules on Heart Failure

heart failure education

The HFSA developed and published a series of modules designed to help patients and their loved ones, and individuals at risk communicate better with their doctor or nurse. These modules are not intended to replace regular medical care.

How to Order Copies

Medical professionals may receive a limited number of copies at no cost for their clinic. Larger quantities are available for purchase (prepayment including a shipping charge required).

  • Single copies (complimentary): May be requested online at abouthf.org.

  • Bulk orders: Download and submit an order form (PDF 51 KB) or call the HFSA at 301-718-4800.
For further questions or information on cost please call 301-718-4800 or send an e-mail to edu_materials@hfsa.org.

Available Modules on Heart Failure

  1. Taking Control of Your Heart Failure
    Download (PDF 139 KB) - Released 02.15.02 (Reprinted 2006)

  2. How to Follow a Low-Sodium Diet
    Download (PDF 727 KB) - Released 12.06.13 (Reprinted 2013)

  3. Heart Failure Medicines
    Download (PDF 188 KB) - Released 03.01.03 (Revised 2006)

  4. Self-care: Following Your Treatment Plan and Dealing with Your Symptoms
    Download (PDF 192 KB) - Released 02.14.03 (Reprinted 2006)

  5. Exercise and Activity
    Download (PDF 161 KB) - Released 08.11.03

  6. Managing Feelings About Heart Failure
    Download (PDF 131 KB) - Released 07.17.03

  7. Tips for Family and Friends
    Download (PDF 318 KB) - Released 02.22.04

  8. Lifestyle Changes: Managing Other Chronic Conditions
    Download (PDF 255 KB) - Released 02.08.05

  9. Advance Care Planning
    Download (PDF 255 KB) - Released 06.18.05 (Reprinted 2006)

  10. Heart Rhythm Problems
    Download (PDF 296 KB) - Released 11.15.04 (Reprinted 2006)

  11. How to Evaluate Claims of New Heart Failure Treatments and Cures
    Download (PDF 205 KB) - Released 10.11.05

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